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Jean Sheahen

Travel Advisor

I started my career in travel over 40 years ago at an agency in Deerbrook Shopping Center filing brochures! I fell in love with the travel industry and have been involved in all areas of the business - commercial, leisure, and management.

Planning travel for people, whether to complete a business deal, visit friends and family, reduce their bucket list, or just relax and have a good time, is everything I enjoy doing for clients.

When I Travel, I Like To: For myself, I enjoy the outdoors. There is no better way to explore new destinations than to take a walk along a river, climb a hill, walk in a desert, visit National parks, or explore city streets, shops, and restaurants.

Past Travels: Throughout my travels, I have fortunately been to many great and interesting places, both here in the US (most states) and Europe (most countries). Recently, I was part of a group to China which had been on our bucket list for a long time.

Favorite Travel Memory: I remember when my husband and I were in Athens (Piraeus port) and the waitress put an ink-covered octopus on his plate. He panicked, but it was fun for me anyway!

Bucket List Destinations: I hope to continue to travel and an Alaskan cruise-tour is now one of my bucket list places.

I like to help people as much as possible with their travel desires and needs, be it a hotel, a show, tour, airfare, or just information on an area they want to travel to. If I don't know, I study the places and learn more for myself and others.

After moving to Florida, I continued in travel and now am a home-based agent. Fortunately I have kept many of my longstanding clients who are like an extended family.

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