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Nicole Moriarty

Travel Advisor

I graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Business from their Hotel + Restaurant Management / Hospitality Program in 2003 and have been a Travel Consultant since 2005.

Favorite Travel Memory: Hong Kong, hands down. I would move there in a heartbeat given the right opportunity; my husband and I both fell in love with it at first sight!

Favorite Destination: St. Barths. If given the opportunity to go anywhere in the world right now, that's where I'd go.

When I Travel, I Like to: Learn the lay of the land, getting familiar and acclimated with my surroundings. Finding the spots that I will frequent when there; making it feel like home. Seeing the sights, too, and what makes that destination unique - finding what it is known for. And then; relaxing and relishing the time spent where I reside!

Best Piece of Travel Advice: Consider planning the trip as part of the trip; because once you are there you can be in the moment most certainly, but the time goes quickly, and then the vacation has come and gone. If you consider the planning as much a part of the trip experience as the actual physical traveling, your time away will last so much longer! Enjoy the process!

Favorite Travel Quote:"Don't listen to what they say. Go see." - Chinese proverb

Why I Travel: That answer is twofold. I travel to get away; to step outside of my familiar surroundings and shake up the normality; to give my eyes something new to behold. I also travel to seek out and explore more of this world that we are so fortunate to be living on. The planet is so vast; and there is so much diversity upon it that my eyes will never behold in person. But the more that I do see, the more I will know and more I will be in awe, and my life will be all the richer for it.

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