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Wyn Gilbert

Travel Advisor

I have been working in travel for 36 years. I was born in Lusaka, Zambia and grew up there as well as The Bahamas, England, and South Africa.

Visited in past travels: Africa, England, Scotland, Ireland, China, France, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Peru, most of the Caribbean, Hawaii, Bali, Indonesia, the list goes on...

Favorite Destination: Africa

Favorite Travel Memory: China in 1986 was a world so foreign it was amazing. Everyone was wearing Mao suits and there were spittoons everywhere. Everyone rode on a bike. There was a village in the middle of Beijing without electricity and they still drew water from a well.

Tips or trivia: Take a sense of humor.

Bucket list destinations: Turkey and Australia

When I travel, I like to: Mix active sightseeing and taking time to talk to local people.

Favorite travel quote: "Never stop travelling."

Travel is for the curious. The best travel experiences are the least expected encounter and the most fun memories are often the most harrowing at the time.

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